This is Going to Be Great!

The Pro Sports Management National Dodgeball Festival will run on May 1,2,3, 2020 at the Holly Recreation Centre in Barrie, Ontario. The true Canadian champions of dodgeball will be crowned during this amazing weekend. If you attend only one dodgeball event this year, this must be your choice!  This is the largest dodgeball tournament in the world and we expect teams from across Canada and abroad. Stay tuned to our website as we continue to update with new and exciting announcements.

You can save this site to the home-screen on your iPhone.  Do this ... open safari and load this site.  Then look on the bottom of the screen for a box with an arrow pointing up.  Press it.   Name it "Nationals" and it will appear as an icon on your home-screen.  Now you can easily access the site all weekend long to check scores and schedules.

Quick Overview


At a Glance

  • The festival will run May 1,2,3, 2020
  • Barrie is 90 km from the Pearson International Airport and Toronto.
  • The festival begins at 1:00pm on Friday and ends on Sunday by 6:00 pm eastern standard time. All teams will begin play on Friday.

Registration Overview

  • You can register for a limited time at $465 taxes included.
  • We will be taking 32 teams in each division (Men, Women, Mixed Recreational, Mixed Intermediate, Mixed Competitive)
  • You can register and reserve your spot for $75.  This is recommended because last year's event was 100% sold out.   
  • You can register as a full team, partial team, or free agent.  Free agents are solo players wishing to join a team.

Team Make Up

  • Team sizes range from 6 players to 12 players.  A team size of 10 is a good option.   Six players start each game.

Eligibility Overview

  • This is an adult event.  You must be at least 18 years of age to participate on day 1. Underage players are rare and require special permission from Pro Sports Management.  
  • In the co-ed divisions, you must start each game with a minimum of 2 females on the court. 
  • Some divisions have eligibility restrictions.  Click on the eligibility link for info on who can play in what division.  
  • Check the eligibility page for full details.

General Information Overview

  • Each match is timed.  See rules for details.  All matches start together.
  • Each team will play many games throughout the weekend.  
  • Rules in dodgeball vary slightly from region to region.  Click on our rules link for full details. All divisions will follow the same rules.  Captains will receive notifications of any exceptions.
  • All official's are specifically trained
  •  7" balls will be provided at each game. 
  • Players must wear non-marking indoor shoes for the facility. 
  • Do not wear any jewellery or accessories.  The only eye wear permitted is CSA safety-sport glasses (i.e. squash glasses).  
  • Plan to stow your belongings in your car or in your small back pack.  The change rooms will not be locked.  Festival organizers are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Each team is responsible for their own first aid operations.  If a situation develops that is beyond your ability, you are encouraged to visit the Royal Victoria Hospital at 201 Georgian Drive or call 9-1-1 

Player's Lounge and Swag

  • Players' Lounge  - We are pleased to announce that our players' lounge will be on-site at the game area.  The lounge will include many great features to help you relax between games including the beer garden, vendor food courts, vendor tents, entertainment, table games and more.  
  • Swag - We have will have top quality T shirts, hoodies and assorted souvenirs at our vendor area.