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Pro Sports Management and Spotted Moose Events are very excited about the interest expressed in the National Dodgeball Festival.  

The National Dodgeball Festival will attract 1000 -1500 athletes plus family and friends. It will have media exposure on radio, newspaper, T.V. as well as social media sites such as Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.   We anticipate a reach and earned media coverage of 500,000 people. 

We have developed four levels of sponsorship support plus a signage option at the event for companies and individuals who wish to associate with this festival.  Some basic ads are selling for as low as $50.  

Marketing opportunities at this event include, but are not limited to:

  • signs
  • logo on promotional video's
  • product ambassadors
  • mascots
  • product sales
  • product give-away's
  • prizes for skills competition       

Pro Sports Management has a standardized formula to help provide a fair quote for sponsorship.  These are determined by the level of exposure and the potential reach of the event.  Platinum level is the highest level of exposure followed by Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  We will also be selling signage for various areas of our facility. The cost is determined and influenced by the nature of this event, current trends, and the potential level of media exposure.   It has been found that some companies re-coup their investment within 30 days of the event of this type. 

Participants and fans will be exposed to a brand label, logo, product, and propaganda through marketing at this Pro Sports Management event.  This introduction or reinforcement of a product or service can have a lifelong impact.  This has the ability to generate income for the sponsoring company for decades  recovering the initial investment exponentially. 

If you have interest in sponsoring or partnering with this event, please complete the contact form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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