The Holly Recreation Centre


The Holly Rec Centre in Barrie is a terrific facility with a two ice pads measuring 190 x 85' and a full gymnasium.  This converts to 16 dodgeball courts (60x30') with stadium seating to watch the main courts on both pads.  There is also a glass viewing area and meeting rooms.  Players will enjoy two licensed lounges located on the playing surface creating a great view of the games.  The players' lounge will feature a fully licensed beer garden throughout the weekend as well as food vendors and premium swag sales.  Showers and change rooms will be on-site as well.  A common time clock will be visible from all courts.  The playing surface is polished concrete on the rink pad courts and hardwood flooring in the gymnasium.  Fencing will separate each court and act as boundaries.

The Holly Rec Centre is located at 171 Mapleton Ave in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.