What's Going On?

Our special events managers, Julie Charette and Alison Fung, will deliver a fantastic weekend of events at the festival.  Check this out ...


  • Registration on the upper level of pad 1 and 2
  • Swag sales - we have a great inventory of souvenir items including hoodies, T-Shirts, bandana's, key chains, jackets, dodgeballs, and clearance items.  Come early as things sell out every year.
  • 50/50 money and prize draw - $5 gets you 25 chances to win.  There will be 6 buckets at our entrance.  Five are great prizes and the other is a cash prize.  Put all your tickets in the cash bucket or include a few other buckets for the prizes, it's your choice.
  • Interactive Front Lobby Displays - check out the videos, pictures, and information about our great game.  Visit the Hall of Honour and see pictures of our champions, photo collages, and re-live the history of the National Dodgeball Festival.
  • Tournament Play begins at 1pm
  • Players Lounge opens for all your food and refreshment needs.  Included are products from Labatt's, Red Bull, Gatorade, Domino's, Subway, Surprise Bags, along with popcorn, water, and pop.
  • Opening Ceremonies will take place on Pad 1 at 8:30pm.  Join us as we give thanks to our Hall of Honour Inductees 2019.  This group includes 10 builders of our game and one Team of Influence.
  • Friday Social and Skills Competition 9:30pm-10:30pm Pad 1 - This will feature some great music, friendship, and several skills competitions for fun prizes.  The events include a 1 vs 1 cash tourney, accuracy contest, hardest throw (radar), and Last Man Standing match.
  • Sport Massage Centre is open - this year we are featuring sport massage for a small fee.  This will keep your body and throwing arm in great shape.  Check this out at our athletic therapy centre in dressing room 1 located in pad 2.


  • Tournament Play continues all day
  • Swag Sales continue all day
  • Players Lounge is open all day
  • Sport Massage and Athletic Therapy Centre open all day
  • On-site BBQ from 4pm to 7pm -   This occurs right before playoffs which begin at 6:30. Ticket cost is just $5.00 and includes a hamburger, two salads, water or pop, and ice cream. There will be music, archery tag, and frisbees onsite all as part of your ticket price and fun. The area is located outside of pad 1 where the Zamboni door is located. You can buy your barbecue tickets at the swag centre or our canteen / bars.
  • Round 1 of the playoff's begin at 6:30 and ends at 8:30
  • We have tons of fantastic social options on Saturday night.  They include:
    • Roosters Bar - 477 Grove St E, Barrie - Roosters is the perfect place for your karaoke  fun.  It's a quick 15 minute walk from the Georgian Athlete Village.
    • State and Main Restaurant - 467 Cundles Rd E - This is a great restaurant with yummy food. They will have festival drink specials for those wanting a good dinner and some casual drinks. It is also a 15 minute walk from the Athletes Village.
    • The Ranch Country Bar and Dance Club - The Ranch is the biggest country bar in Ontario and it rocks with all types of music and fun. This is a huge club and you will have a blast if you're looking for a party on Saturday after the first playoff round. Stay tuned for a special festival bracelet announcement 


  • Tournament play continues with rounds 2, 3, & 4 of the playoff's
  • Swag Center is open
  • Interactive Front Lobby is open
  • Player's lounge is open
  • Formal Medal presentations following each medal game in the gymnasium