We Have a Place for Everyone


The National Dodgeball Festival is an event which caters to all levels of dodgeball skills.  Team captains are encouraged to enter their team in the division which best suits their level of play.  The divisions are:​ 

  • Competitive -  For players who wish to play at the highest level of competition and skill.
  • Intermediate - Some team restrictions - players who play with competitive spirit 
  • Recreational - Intended for players who enjoy friendly competition and or in-experienced .

All players must be at least 18 years of age on day 1 of the festival to be eligible.  In rare cases, underage players are allowed with special permission.  Contact Tim Simpson for application at tim@prosportsmanagement.ca

The National Dodgeball Festival has eligibility rules to ensure the tournament play will be a successful experience for all players.  


The festival organizers reserve the right to deny entries to teams which are in the wrong division relative to their ability.  Our goal is to build the sport.  Our highest level players should compete in the highest divisions.  Teams are encouraged to contact us if they have questions regarding eligibility.

The Festival reserves the right to deny entries based on skill level for the division chosen.

Terms of Reference

National Level Player - A player who has competed for any National dodgeball team within the past three years, or a player who was designated in the final selection process of any of these programs. The National Dodgeball Festival reserves the right to classify players as National Level players at their discretion.


Competitive Player - any player on a competitive team for the festival. ​(​We encourage players to try the competitive level and therefore allow rec teams to carry players in the competitive mixed division) This is meant to encourage rec players to move up NOT to have true comp. level players moving down. We reserve the right to move any team we feel is in the wrong division.

Eligibility for Each Division


Competitive Divisions (Mixed, Men, Women)

The Competitive Division is open and accepts entries from Canadian and international teams. All teams will compete in round robin play against one another in their pool of play. 

All teams entering the Competitive Division will compete for the same championship however once pool play is finished teams will break into an A and B playoff declaring A, B and possibly C champions

Intermediate Division 

In order to protect the integrity of the Intermediate Division, we have limited the number of “National” players and players on these teams.  The Intermediate division teams may carry a maximum of ONE national level player either male or female.  Teams must declare their national and competitive players prior to play in the festival.  The festival reserves the right to deny entry to teams with ineligible players in this division. ​The Intermediate division will break into 3 levels of play in the playoff round declaring A, B, and possibly C champions.

Recreational Division 

In order to protect the integrity of the Recreational division, we have limited the number of competitive players on these teams.  National team players are not eligible.  The maximum number of competitive players is six.  Teams must declare their competitive players prior to beginning play in the festival.  The festival reserves the right to deny entry to teams with ineligible players in this division. ​We allow comp. players in rec to encourage rec players to try a comp. division to build the sport. If you are a true comp player you should not join the rec division unless you are on an inexperienced team. This is always open to review of our tournament Fair Play Committee.

Questions - feel free to contact the organizers at tim@prosportsmanagement.ca with any eligibility questions.

Roster Submission - team rosters are to be submitted online by May 1 at 12:00pm.  Additions and deletions can still be made until registration May 1  but team rosters must be submitted on schedule otherwise players are ineligible.  You only need to delete players if they are transferred to another team for the event.